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  • Beware of asbestos containing products!

    Asbestos are the leading cause of cancer of the lungs, asbestosis and mesothelioma. They are an ingredient in many industrial products. Asbestos have been banned in 55 countries including Kenya. Kenyan government banned importation and use of products containing asbestos in 2006 but you can also help in identifying and avoiding contamination with asbestos products since some were manufactured before the ban.

    In this article will reveal to you products that contain asbestos so that you can avoid contact with them as much as you can to avoid becoming a victim. Asbestos fibers are used to manufacture a variety of products since they are strong and increase durability of products as they also help in resisting heat, acids and friction.





    Asbestos are ingredients used in manufacture of roofing material, Insulation (Pipe, boiler, corrugated air-cell, breaching, and block insulation; HVAC duct insulation; sprayed-in insulation; blown-in insulation; thermal paper products; electrical wiring insulation)

    Fireproofing/Acoustical Texture Products (includes acoustical plaster, decorative plaster, textured paint or coatings, fire blankets, fire curtains, fire doors)

    Textile and Cloth Products (includes blankets, protective cloth coverings, garments, asbestos gloves, threads, cords, yarns, braids)

    Spackling, Patching & Taping Compounds (includes caulking, putties, joint compounds, adhesives, tapes, thermal taping compounds)

    Gaskets and Packings (includes high temperature gaskets, packings for industrial products, high pressure packing, asbestos packing reinforced with steel or copper wire)

    Asbestos-cement Pipe and Sheet Material

    Tiles, Wallboard, Siding and Roofing (includes roofing shingles, roofing felt, base flashing, cement wallboard, cement siding, ceiling tiles and lay-in panels, asphalt floor tile, vinyl floor tile, vinyl sheet flooring, flooring backing, vinyl wall coverings)

    Friction Materials (automotive and railroad brakes and clutches)

    Vermiculite (used in some horticultural potting mixes, brake pads, acoustic tiles, insulation)

    By Austine on 20 June 2018