Testimonies Of People Cured HIV and AIDS at Neem Foundation

HIV cure is the most unbelievable thing in the world at the moment and yet we have accomplished it. Scientists have recoded only one Berlin case in History. We have recorded over 300 cases. Being a herbal research outfit, no one will take us seriously or pay much attention to what we do.

Only those few whom have believed in us and took the challenge can testify that this is can be done. There is still the stigma and many would prefer to remain silent and incognito. A few have however, come out to testify. This we have done through all media outlets and the hospital documents to prove are in our safe custody. Before and after treatment. These results are from various government hospitals here in Kenya.

Once the HIV clears from the body, the body stops producing anti-bodies to the virus. The p24 antibody test should report Negative for HIV. (This is the finger test done in many Voluntary counseling centers.) And this means one is CURED.

Presented here are some of the actual testimonies of some of the people who have undergone complete cellular recovery from HIV/AID'S infection.

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This gentle man, who is a police officer long suffered with HIV/AIDS. But now is one of the cured patients of Neem foundation. Play this video and hear him testifying, how he got healed.
All parents know how it hurts to see your child in pain. The Joy these parents had led them to testify for their children who were treated HIV by Neem foundation Kenya.

Understanding HIV cure at Neem Foundation of Kenya

As independent researchers, we have achieved a milestone in regards to HIV treatment and cure. We have in record treated hundreds of people in our clinic whom have been confirmed HIV free. We would like to share with the world about the discovery of the HIV cure. The narration below explains in simple English as much as possible so that everyone to understand.

First lets understand the meaning of HIV. HIV stands for “ HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS.” In simple language, Immunodeficiency refers to poor immune system lacking ability to fight infections and diseases. Therefore, HIV infects people with poor immune system.

If someone’s immunity is strong, the HIV cannot survive in that person’s body. It will be eliminated by body’s own natural Immune system immediately someone is exposed to it.

How is this possible?
It has been observed and documented that one partner in a sexual relationship can be HIV positive and the other partner HIV negative despite having unprotected intercourse several times. This is referred to as DISCORDANT COUPLES.
The partner who is HIV negative has strong immune system which can resist HIV and the partner who is HIV Positive has weak immune system (Immunodeficient immune system) that cannot resist HIV resulting to HIV infection.

Reason why some people have weak immune system and others have strong immune system?

According to several years of research at Neem Foundation of Kenya, we have encountered many discordant couples who came to our clinic. This gave us the opportunity to research why one partner in a relationship is HIV positive and the other HIV negative. We put both the HIV positive and HIV negative partners under thorough laboratory tests and nutritional audit and discovered something unique.

These are,

1. 90% of HIV positive people also tested positive to Gastro Intestinal Bacterial infection while 100% of HIV negative people tested negative for the same bacteria. We shall refer to this bacterium as (GIB) for now due to pending patent.

2. 3% of HIV positive had bacteria called Treponema pallidum which causes syphilis.

3. 2% of HIV positive people did not have a balanced diet hence had nutrition deficiency.

4. 1% were under prescription medications which suppresses immunity.

5. 4% of HIV positive were Alcoholics before they contracted HIV.

From the above observations, we were able to link the bacteria (GIB) found in 90% of HIV positive people as the contributing factor to immune deficiency. Further research has found the bacteria to be endemic in African continent. This might explain the high prevalence of HIV in Africa compared with other continents. The bacterium is mostly found in the gastrointestinal tract. It blocks assimilation of important vitamins which are needed to build strong immune system.

Syphilis just like GIB also contributes to degradation of immune system . It is prevalence in other continents but in smaller percentage. Most people with HIV in other continents also have syphilis. We have documented this observation after interaction with clients from USA and Australia.

Poor diet is an automatic contributor to a deficient immune system. If one does not get balanced diet that includes all minerals and vitamins, then the immune system will be compromised. That means one can be infected with HIV if they do not take balanced diet even if they don’t have syphilis or GIB bacteria.

Prescription medications such as Steroids are immune suppressors. People who are managing chronic infections such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus with steroids have depressed immune system. They can contract HIV even if they eat well, do not have syphilis or GIB bacteria.

Alcohol affects the absorption of nutrients in a number of ways. It encourages swift breakdown of nutrients before they reach the small intestine where absorption occurs. It can also interfere with normal digestion by damaging cells in the stomach and intestine, and interfering with the release of important digestive enzymes. Alcohol also acts as a diuretic, which promotes excretion of stored vitamins such as vitamin b12 and minerals e.g. calcium and magnesium.


At Neem Foundation, we treat HIV in 2 stages. First stage is eliminating the Immune destroying bacteria (GIB). Once the bacteria is cleared, the body’s natural immune system is reconstituted and restored. This means there is no need for one to take ART. The HIV viral load drops to undetectable levels and cd4 cell count rises to normal ranges. This can be achieved in 3 months only no matter the amount of Viral load.

The second stage is flushing the latent HIV. This is HIV that hides in body where Immune system or ARV cannot reach. These places are, Testicles, finger nails, bone marrow, dental cavities etc. Anti-Retroviral Therapy cannot kill the latent HIV . That’s why they never eliminate the HIV.

Our Natural herbal formula can flush the latent HIV from the hidden places so that it can be eliminated by body’s natural immunity attained after killing the GIB bacteria.

HIV treatment and cure takes 6 months only at our clinic. After this all tests for HIV must report Negative.

For those interested in our treatment, they should come with latest Laboratory results for HIV viral load and CD4 cell count.

By Anonymous on 02 May 2011