Manhood Enlargement

Penile enlargement by use of Kigeria africana/Sausage tree.

To be honest the bigger the weapon the better the Job it will do. It is every mans dream to be in possession of a long than average genitals so that they can be in full control i.e (satisfy their partner) and earn respect. A good penile size should be around 6 to 8 inch long and 2 inch in diameter. Anything longer than this can be harmful and might cause damage to the cervix.

Good news is that in African tradition, this department was also addressed satisfactorily and solution provided. A herbal formula made from a popular local tree called (Mwiria) in Kikuyu or Kigeria Africana or Sausage tree in English has been in existence in central Kenya. Herbal extracts from this tree were used successfully to enlarge genitals for men with small genitalia.

The biggest challenge with this treatment is that, it has to be used with ALCOHOL on daily bases in order to grow the manhood faster. (2 to 4 weeks.) If you don't take alcohol for religion or other reasons, the product will work but it will take very long time to achieve the desired results (3-4 months).

In case you are interested in enlarging your manhood(penis) Then contact us for a good product that will not disappoint. Ask for T9 herbal capsules from our clinic. 0720760419. We are pioneers of herbal medicine in Kenya since 1996. Our products are the best and guaranteed to perform.


Name of product is T9
"It is Taken 3 pills once a day with some alcohol at least once everyday on empty stomach for two weeks or until you attain the required size. We recommend 3 glasses of red wine or 4 tots of any whisky. Dilute whisky as required. It is 100% safe and has no Side Effects at All.

Don't be late to order while stock lasts.
Standard price 5000/=.ksh

How to make an Order
- Order via Mpesa buy goods till number 960884(Namicures)
- Product cost = 5000ksh
- Delivery cost = 250ksh
- Total cost = 5250ksh

Once you make an order, you will be contacted via this number 0725251412. In case you have questions call Dr at 0720760419

Kindly Note:

This product works better and faster when taken with alcohol daily for 2 weeks time! If taken alone, it takes around 3 to 4 months. Alcohol acts as a catalyst to drive the herbs to the muscles and stretch them according to research.

For more inquiries and to Make order Call. +254720760419

Some other uses of Kigeria Africana as extracted from Google.

The tree is available in many African countries and it is used to firm sagging breasts and treat various ailments such as Fungal infections, Leprosy, eczema, etc. You can read more from Google.

For centuries, the sausage tree has been used as a valuable herbal medicine by a number of traditional healers and African communities. All the parts of the tree (fruits, leaves, bark and roots) are widely used by traditional healers across different African cultures to treat several health conditions. For example, the fruits are used to manage skin conditions like fungal infections, eczema, psoriasis, boils and leprosy. In fact, the sausage tree is widely recognized for its remarkable effectiveness in improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

In some African cultures, women use the sap from the fruit of the tree for firming the skin around their breasts. The plant is also claimed to have potent wound healing activity and for treatment of skin cancers. The leaves, seeds and fruit pulp are dried, powdered and then applied to treat wounds. The fresh and dried fruits can be boiled with water and given to patients to treat ulcers, sores, syphilis and rheumatism.

The tree contains various chemical compound such as -Napthaquinones, kigelinone, vernolic, Courmarins, kigelin, Iridoids, Caffeic acid, Norviburtinal, Sterols (including sitosterol and stigmasterol)

By Austine on 23 April 2019

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