• Former president of Kenya awards Neem Foundation the best micro enterprise award in recognition of it's outstanding Natural health care services in Kenya.

    Prunus Africana

    Neem School of alternative medicine Choir entertaining guests during thanks giving day.

    In Africa, KIGELIA AFRICANA is a sacred tree of which fruit brings wealth. The Lebou of Green Cap matrons frequently use the pulp of the ripe fruits as decocte per os and as friction on the young women breast in order to endow them as a well-developed bust. They say that the menstruations before and after the treatment...

    Herbal Medicine for Diabetes.

    Latin Names :Azadirachta indica A. Juss.

    English Name / Common Name : Neem

    Sanskrit / Indian Name : Nimba

    Swahili / East Africa : Mwarubaine.

    Neem (Azadirachta indica) belongs to the mahogany family tree. In India, it in fact is called the "Heal All" or "Divine Tree". Neem is really very useful...

    Lab technician at work in our lab.

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    The information on this site represents the only known solution to being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and has no financial risk. As independent researchers we have, literally stumbled upon what may be one of the most important health discoveries in history. Many of you may find the following information unbelievable,read more..

    The discovery

    Neem Foundation Kenya is a natural medicine research health care, actively involved in research, cure and treatment of chronic infection such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, Tuberculosis and other chronic diseases. It was founded in 1996 by the late Dr.A.K Mwongo.
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    Presented here are actual testimonials of some of the people who have undergone complete cellular recovery from Hiv/aids infection. watch video..


    Cancer is unregulated cell growth. Cells divide and grow uncontrollably forming malignant tumours, and invading nearby parts of the body. Cancer may also spread to more distant parts of the body through the lymphatic system or bloodstream. Not all tumours are cancerous; benign tumours do not invade neighbouring tissues and do not spread throughout the body.
    It is in the nature of cancer that it incubates for months (and sometimes years) before breaking out into full blown malignant tumours.
    There are over 200 different types of cancers known to affect humans. It can affect both old and young although risk increases with age. The older the person the more the accumulated toxins and the less immunity due to wear and exhaustion of cells as one grows. read more..