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  • Presidential Award for outstanding contribution to humanitarian or community service projects.

    Acknowledging the efforts of Kenya Neem Clinic in customer service.

    Best Practices Presidential Award to Kenya Neem Foundation

    Kenya Neem award ceremony

  • Latest Cure For Genital Herpes & Cold Sores HSV 1 & 2


    By Austine on 05 April 2024

    Blocked Fallopian Tubes Natural Treatment in Kenya

    Are you Struggling to get pregnant because of #blocked_fallopian_tubes? If Yes then you have landed on the right page. We are a Foundation with 28 years of practice since 1996 of treating Chronic diseases including blocked fallopian tubes and other causes of infertility such as low AMH, PCOS, ENDOMETRIOSIS, FIBROIDS, OVARIAN CYSTS, INFECTIONS/PID & UTI, HORMONAL IMBALANCE, TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY. etc.

    By Austine on 28 March 2024

    Rheumatoid and Oesteo Arthritis Latest Treatment


    Nature provides us with an abundance of remedies that can support our overall health and well-being. We have developed a breakthrough selection of natural products and supplements that harness the healing potential of botanical extracts, minerals, and other bio active compounds to PERMANENTLY treat and CURE all types of Arthritis such as Osteo Arthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Our treatment is 100% effective in curing arthritis.

    By Austine on 28 March 2024

    Hips and Butt Enlargement herbal Pills

    If you have been dreaming to have a bigger, rounder, curvier, and more sexy shape one day, Look gorgeously beautiful and uplift your self-esteem and turn on heads as you stroll down the streets, Then your prayers have been answered

    By Austine on 02 March 2024

    Successful Kidney Failure Treatment

    Kidney Natural Herbal Treatment At Neem Foundation Clinic

    Everything in life seems impossible until it is done. You might have been made to believe that the only solution to kidney failure is dialysis for life or kidney transplant until you use our treatment and confirm that it can be done. Just like a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so is the treatment of kidney. What was yesterday’s impossibilities is today’ s success. So don’t give up in life. Doubt kills more dreams than trying.

    By Austine on 13 February 2024

    Cure For Chronic Deseases

    Since its creation in 1996, Neem Foundation Herbal Clinic has placed customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities.

    Our relentless research has helped us to rewrite the global health history and become the leading natural herbal medicine provider of the highest standards. Our products will help anyone who wishes to achieve complete cure live up to his expectations.


    By Austine on 24 January 2024

    Low libido & Premature Ejaculation Natural Herbal Booster

    Image result for orgasm

    By Austine on 14 August 2023

    Breakthrough Treatment for Cancers and Tumors

    Greetings. We have good news for those with cancer. We treat all types of cancers in just 3 months. We analyze each individual case and determine the best treatment formula depending with the cause, type and location of cancer. Our cancer treatment is fast acting and results are visible in 10 days. Tumors start shrinking very fast and bedridden people walk in 10 days because we treat the root causes head on. We target the root causes of cancer

    By Austine on 14 April 2023

    The Best Anti-Viral Herbs Against Flue Viruses.


    As COVID-19 continues to spread, there is URGENT need to prevent yourself from this deadly flue. As an expert in herbal medicine, we have STRONG antiviral herbs that we can recommend for you to use.
    These herbs are rich source of chloroquine which is currently the first line of covid-19 treatment. Chloroqiune is currently out of market. These Herbs are

    1. Neem Tree.

    By Austine on 03 April 2020

    Healing Power Of Sun Shine

    Very few people are aware of the healing power of Sunshine. Sun is a source of natural ultra violet therapy provided by God for everybody to tap and use for prevention of disease and also for healing but due to lack of knowledge, this free source of natural healing has been untapped.

    By Austine on 22 August 2019