How to cook eggs

Eggs are densely packed with strong amino acids and a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes – all essential for optimal health.

The EGG YOLK contains Vitamins such as A, E, D, K, B6, B12, Minerals folate, iron, zinc, calcium, sodium, and Enzymes such as lipase (an enzyme that breaks down fatty acids in the liver) The yolk also houses most of the egg’s energy, with approximately 61 out the of 78 calories stored here. Egg whites provides protein

How To Cook Eggs.

The secret of cooking eggs is to make sure the egg yolk is somewhat of a liquid state. Avoid hard boiling, scrambling or over flying.
Boiling time for the eggs should be 6 minutes. Bring water to boiling point first and then add the eggs and time for 6 minutes then remove and eat. You can add salt to the water to make peeling the shell easier.

If you must fly, then do not stir the egg to mix egg yolk with white. Just break it and add to the flying pan and cook for 1 minute on low heat. 30 seconds for each side. The egg yolk will not overcook and will be slightly thawed.

Do not overcook the eggs. Overcooking denatures and destroys the minerals, vitamins, and enzymes and the nutrients. Heat changes the structure of vitamins and proteins in the egg so the value of egg is destroyed. Also take care not to take raw eggs. Raw eggs can infect you with salmonella bacteria in case the hens are infected with it.

Eggs contain saturated fats but the saturated fats found in eggs are of high quality and very minimal. They do not cause cause cholesterol. In fact at least one-third of your fat intake must come from high-quality saturated fats in order to obtain and absorb the essential fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as well as maintain adequate cellular health and communication.

The quality of eggs you purchase matters a lot. Low-quality eggs which come from hens that are fed junk food and raised in unhealthy environments are less healthy, weaker and contain saturated fats that oxidize more easily in the body hence an obvious concern for arterial plaque and heart disease.

To avoid this issue, purchase free range pasture-raised eggs. (Kienyeji) Pasture-raised eggs come from hens that are raised in a proper, healthy environment and fed correctly (they should be free-ranging so they can eat earthworms and such, not confined to a cage stuffed with moldy grains and GMO corn). Eggs can be added omega-3 whereby the hens are fed flaxseeds to increase omega-3 fatty acid content in the egg yolks.

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